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The startup that gives service providers a big smile

Danki. Tip improver of the Netherlands

Danki makes tipping easy for everyone, wherever and whenever you want. Danki’s mission is to restore greater appreciation and income to all service providers for their extra efforts. This also improves companies’ service because people feel motivated to do their best again. And that makes everyone happy. Easy with a QR code, secure and fast. Danki. Makes tipping priceless

  • Brandname, tagline, copy and design: Propello
  • Co design logo: Niels Luigjes
  • Website construction SquareSpace
  • A brand that makes you smile
  • Funky and reliable
  • Internationally deployable

Our startup has taken a mega leap thanks to Propello. From branding to landing page construction, everything is truly to be proud of. We see a positive response from our target audience and we are immediately taken seriously. Highly recommended!

Linda MabelisCo-Founder Danki

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Want to learn more about this case?

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