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The platform for a new tomorrow

De Solidariteit. Make tomorrow humane

Solidarity brings people together regardless of their differences. Their mission is to provide support and livelihood security for everyone so that we stand up for each other again. In a world full of confusion and individualism, this organisation and movement aims to create a new, engaged community. Together, they create government and initiatives that make an impact. De Solidariteit. Make tomorrow humane

  • Strategy, tagline, copy, design and site: Propello
  • Basic logo, advice and customer contact: Michaël van Heusden
  • Photography: About the People
  • A brand that connetcs
  • Human and activating
  • Nationally deployable

Propello® handled the strategy, texts, design and web building of The Solidarity for us. The result is beautiful. The site receives high praise: apt tagline, strong texts, modern design and impressive concept for photography. Propello's work has really boosted our organisation. Thanks!

Bert BreijFounder De Solidariteit

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Want to learn more about this case?

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