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The startup that relieves restless legs

Relegs. Snooze your RLS.

Nearly 1.2 million Dutch people suffer from restless legs. RelegsĀ® is the new solution for all people who suffer from RLS. It works on the basic principle of contrast stimulation, in which innocuous electrical stimuli stimulate nerves. Wherever and whenever you want. So you can sleep normally again without unpleasant tingling or undisturbed nights out.

  • Branding, tagline and copy: Propello
  • Strategy: Bryan Benninga
  • Custom web building: Ruud Licht
  • Medically reliable and friendly
  • Approachable and direct
  • Appropriate for various audiences

Propello helped us out with a surprising branding. Me as a techie in a start-up with a doctor, both with a blind spot for marketing and prefer to keep ourselves mostly busy with technology and content. We found Propello for branding and communications - super happy with results! And, not to mention, very pleasant to work with.

Erik van der HeideCo-Founder Relegs

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Want to know more about this case?

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